2021 iSen Version has been released

The 2021 version of the iSen system has been released this month. Take a look at these main updates.

iSen 2021.0 (11/18/2020)

New features

  • New family of protocols: “Mobility Test”.
  • New protocol: lower-body analysis with calibration in sitting posture.
  • New protocol: bilateral shoulder analysis.
  • New option to set events as default per-protocol.
  • New option to export a capture interval directly to database.
  • Added new charts for speed and angular speed in single joint protocols.
  • New option to add custom events in real-time.
  • Custom events now have a keyboard shortcut.
  • Now it is possible to set custom events in individual sensor protocols.
  • New option to key in the treadmill speed.
  • New option to visualize the bone reference axes.


  • User and capture information are now shown on the ribbon bar.
  • Improved the visualization of analysis limits in charts.
  • Reduced the file size of captures that include synchronized video.
  • Improved compatibility with Delsys Trigno Avanti sensors (Delsys).
  • Comprehensive review and revamp of various reports and dashboards.
  • Improved the precision when inserting events in charts.
  • Improved the robustness of event calculation in gait protocols.
  • Improved the calibration position for shoulder protocols.
  • Now it is possible to export data from all sensors to a single file per data type.
  • Improved the documentation of gait parameters.
  • Improved the accuracy of stride length calculation.
  • Improved the support for Hi-DPI displays.
  • Export options have been reorganized.
  • Documentation has been updated and several typos corrected.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the database from remembering the last subject used.
  • Fixed a bug that may change the language of certain parts of the application.
  • Fixed several bugs related to video recording.
  • Fixed some Helen-Hayes parameters that were not fulfilling the standard.
  • Fixed an error that prevented analysis limits to be applied to reports, dashboard and export options.
  • Fixed a bug that may prevent the timebar to be updated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented speed from being visualized with the right units.
  • Fixed incorrect sign of norm data.
  • Fixed incorrect signs on several knee angles.
  • Fixed a bug that may change the calibration point when analysis limits were defined.
  • Fixed a difference between dashboards and charts due to data interpolation.
  • Fixed an incorrect configuration when local machine use comma for decimal separator (COMETA, MYON).
  • Fixed incorrect name of biomechanical parameters in the rules editor.
  • Fixed missing some calibration images.
  • Fixed incorrect translations.
  • Minor bug hunting.

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