2022 2DMA Version has been released

The 2022 version of the 2DMA system has been released this month. It’s main update is the creation of the new gait analysis protocol. Check the video and the full list below:

2DMA 2022.0 (Apr/19/2022)

New features

  • New lateral gait analysis protocol.
  • New option to import captures into studies.
  • New option for capture clipping.
  • New look and feel.
  • New light visual theme selectable for the application.


  • Improved camera error messages.
  • Improved reports generation.
  • Improved range edition.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Minor usability and stability improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed minor user interface problems and localization issues.
  • Fixed incorrect error message when LibreOffice or MicrosoftOffice is missing.
  • Fixed an issue playbar that show incorrent no markers sections.
  • Fixed an invalid behavior that closes PDF reader when the program is closed.
  • Removed closed hip angle.

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