2022 iSen Version has been released

The 2022 version of the iSen system has been released this month. Take a look at these main updates.

iSen 2022.0 (01/18/2022)

New features

  • Added all angles to the export options.
  • Added a warning in case the capture needs to activate plugins.
  • Added the calibration window to the elbow models.
  • Added translations to the names and curves of the reports.
  • Added possibility of using iWS sensors without magnetometer.
  • Added graphics of normality in cycles for some missing models.
  • Added the option to use several analysis zones.
  • Added reports to the arm protocols and left and right back.
  • Added the option that allows the user to create their customized reports in a directory other than the installation.
  • Added a selectable offset in the bending / extension in the elbow and knee models.
  • Added two types of generic cycles.


  • Improved EMG reports on cycles: names, units and calculations are added.
  • Improved the 3D view of the sensors.
  • Improved EMG management plugin: allows you to enter names, colors and deactivate curves; as well as your visualization of results.
  • General improvements in all reports to occupy fewer pages and be clearer.
  • Improved usability of the simple gear model: eliminated changes to the interface.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved RAM management so as not to fail in long captures
  • Improved the start of the application: Now you can also start without command line.
  • Unified the names of the curves of the plots graphics window.
  • Unified the sign of the pelvic angles in the cycle dialog.

Bug fixes

  • Solved problem with calibration between captures: In some cases, it did not remember the calibration of the previous capture.
  • Solved problem with non-English characters in reports names.
  • Solved problem with the export of sensor data: In some cases the frequency was incorrect.
  • Solved problem with the documentation button: Sometimes it was disabled.
  • Solved an application failure when handling the rules window.
  • Solved a problem with the time bar when generating video: Sometimes it progressed to blows.
  • Solved a problem with the stride dialogue: it has been made modal to prevent changes in the file.
  • Solved several problems with video cameras.
  • Solved problem with the Splash window: occupies only part of the second screens.
  • Solved a failure of the application when importing videos in MP4 and MOV.
  • Solved problem with video in export: the video was not cut as captured.
  • Solved several problems that could close the application in some cases.
  • Solved a problem with the fixed position of the windows: In some cases it was overlapped with the Close button.
  • Solved multiple problems with connection with DELSYS.
  • Solved a problem with the offset of the video camera.
  • Solved a problem with the axes and, z in the graphics of the iWS sensors.
  • Solved problem when recording magnetometer data: I could allow to start the capture without calibrating.
  • Solved a problem with the numerics when changing the selected cycles.
  • Solved problem when exporting standard series: Sometimes it did not update the events.
  • Solved problem with notices of the rules: Sound notices were not maintained if there were two active rules at a time.
  • Solved problem with texts in the 3D window of the rules: Sometimes they were not deactivated if the rule was erased when active.
  • Solved problems with EMG management plugin: Changes do not activate the Save button.
  • Solved an invalid error when exporting catches from the database: the error appeared even if the export was correct.
  • Solved an error with the selection of cycles in the cycle dialog: Sometimes the eliminates were not saved.
  • Solved problem when replacing the number of strides on the running report.

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