Podia Scanner and Rubra Scanner used by Activ Ortopedic

Activ Ortopedic makes use several STT’s products to design custom orthopedic shoes and insoles. Their installation comprises two Podia scanners, one Rubra and the Insole Studio software package.




Podia scanners are used during the design of orthopedic shoes to take all the dimensions of the foot needed. Later on, they use Podia again to scan a last and compare it with the former 3D model. Rubra scanner is used for sole scanning of children and adults, and to work out of the office.

Insole Studio is used in combination with scanner to improve insole designing process. Based on foot scan (foot sole window and form definition) they calculate and establish the contour and insole thickness. Also, they calculate the size and establish the position of plantar pelote, oval and circular heel zone contour (they have some pre-formatted pieces of these elements). These forms are planted on the insole contour previously obtained and covered with waxed split pigskin.

“Normally we should use this modeling insole in CAD-CAM system. For this kind of insole processing is necessary long time, much energy and material consumption. In this reason we choose an alternative kind of manufacture, something like reverse engineering”.

Florin Ghebuta (Activ Ortopedic)

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