Scanning small objects

This customer case shows the use of STT’s scanners beyond their traditional use (i.e., other rather than reverse engineering, anthropometry and similar).

Angel statue

For this angel statue a single laser scan unit was used and the statue was placed over a rotatory base. A total of four scans were necessary to digitize the object. A post-processing registration process glue together the individual sections.



Teeth cast

This teeth cast was scanned using a variation of our laser scanner. Given the size of details of this model, a potentiometer was used to reduce the width of the laser beam in order to increase the precision of the scan.

various_scans_teeth_1_orig various_scans_teeth_1various_scans_teeth_2_orig


Elephant figurine

This little figurine of an elephant was scanned using our structured light industrial scanner. A set of markers were added to keep track of the position and orientation of the figurine along the different scans.


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