iSen and CLIMA in Singapore

Researchers at the National University of Singapore are using isen for different studies. One of them involves a project with Nanyang Technological University, where a team is developing an upper limb stroke rehabilitation device which integrates mind and body to accelerate functional recovery. One component of this is the EMG sensor arm glove. They intend to mount inertial sensors on this arm glove and integrate iSen software into their existing rehab protocol, as a real-time/offline evaluation tool. They are in the process of commercializing this project and the system is under patient trials at the moment in the National University Hospital (NUH). Additional interests include the lower body system (7 sensors) for their ageing study in NUH.

iSen and CLIMA in Singapore

On the other hand, researchers at the Nanyang Polytechnic are currently using STT’s optical motion systems in several fields of study. Particularly, a 12-camera system was installed to carry out gait analysis tests including a force plate to acquire the information on ground reaction.

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