2022 Update for 3DMA Suite

The 2022 version of the 3DMA system has been released this month. Take a look at these main updates.

3DMA 2022.0 (09/30/2021)

New features

  • New application organization based on model packages
  • Created the “Sequence” concept, as a list of captures with a common report
  • Created a new cycles manager that allows to visualize gait and cycling cycles
  • New tennis racket protocols
  • New bike measurent protocol for EDDO
  • New radio-ulnar pronosupination protocol
  • New SEBT protocol
  • Compatibility with Vicon Stream
  • Added compatibility with Motive 1.0
  • Added compatibility with Motive 3
  • Video cameras now can be rotated 90º
  • Allowed for cameras to be mounted upside-down


  • Improved documentation
  • Improved ankle protocols
  • Improved reports so that they show patient information
  • Improved curve drawing in reports: the occluded zones are hidden
  • Unified reports header
  • Improved compatibility with two monitors
  • Allowed to hide/show force platforms in the 3D view
  • Improved compatibility with AMTI force plates
  • Created a new examples database that cannot be modified
  • Improved 3D video exportation
  • Improved 3D
  • Updated the Optitrack camera SDK to support Prime 41 camera types
  • Improved application performance
  • Improved About dialog: added access to the STT online store and added the number of users from the database
  • Improved new capture dialog
  • Allowed to change the time offset for the video camera after capturing
  • Improved compatibility with FireFly camera
  • Added some new data to the cycling models:
  • Improved inverse dynamics calculations
  • Improved compatibility with BRIO cameras
  • Added feedback for the force plate calibration
  • Added a generic report for the Std19 model
  • Added new lumbar assessment protocols
  • Added numerics to the shoulder vertical rotation model
  • Improved look & feel
  • Removed the recalibration button

Bug fixes

  • Fixed sporadic crash when generating a lower body report (Clinical, EDDO, Human)
  • Fixed capture failure when golf events are not detected correctly (Sports, Golf)
  • Fixed sporadic crash in the Stride Selection dialog (Clinical, EDDO, Human)
  • Fixed a rare crash after exporting a capture interval with stride data (Clinical, EDDO, Human)
  • Fixed sporadic crash when starting a multi-report for lower body (Clinical, EDDO, Human)
  • Fixed sporadic failure in calibration
  • Fixed issue that may remove video information when clipping a capture
  • Fixed bug when showing charts in real-time (Cycling, Sports)
  • Fixed incorrect chart value when a marker is occluded
  • Fixed invalid unit in bike measurement numerics (Cycling, Sports)
  • Fixed issue that may allow to stop a capture twice
  • Fixed issue that prevented real-time update of normative data
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct step detection on treadmill if a marker was lost
  • Fixed issues that prevented external devices from being synchronized using Motive
  • Rizzoli’s pelvic rotation now is the same in stride selection and report (Clinical, Human)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented snapshots to be correctly replaced in some reports
  • Fixed an issue that made webcams to report incorrect resolutions
  • Fixed usability issues in the New Capture dialog
  • Fixed issue that prevented removing events in golf protocols (Sports, Golf)
  • Fixed crash when selecting Delsys but it is not connected
  • Fixed sporadic issues that didn’t refresh gait numerics correctly
  • Fixed bug that prevented saving the capture date in the database
  • Fixed usability issues in post-processing captures
  • Fixed issue that made changing playback speed unintuitive
  • Fixed minor glitches in user interface
  • Fixed translation issues

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